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While skiing vacation with his friends, me and my wife in the mountain cabin in the mountains. The accommodation was five star, chalet with a sauna and all possible comforts. But the best was the fireplace, open staircase dominates and really adds a luxurious feel. The accommodation was the usual chalet maid, though all quite surprised that the maid was a man, a German named Sebastian, at the age of 22 Although to be honest with the women in the party and not content when 6ft3, blond, and very athletic. We need to enjoy a great time for us all, both on the slopes and the nightlife. The group was playing a big night in the hut in the sauna for all of us the opportunity to see each other naked and with a little more. Although it went all the way. One night toward the end of the night, my wife and I were alone in the sauna, which joined Stella, she viralporn was the youngest of members of the group, a new partner from one of our old friends. She was naked, and of course, to be honest, it was very pleasing to the eye. When about 40 years, with a beautiful full figure with a nice big breasts. He sat in front of myself, I fought in the viralporn sight of her pussy. It was neatly trimmed and I was with the gold ring on her lips were fascinated. , you knew I was looking for and with the caveat that she spread her legs further and looked at me straight in the eye. I do not know what to do, I was obviously very excited, but I was not sure how women would react. But before I worry about my wife a lot of Stella ked if they want to go down on her. Stella immediately responded with a yes. I could not believe it, and before he could utter my words, my wife told me I had his blessing, but instead, they wanted my blessing on your fucking Sebastian. I was dumb founded, but I readily agreed that I wanted Stella. As this happened, Stella was my fingers gently DROPPed to his knees between her legs and pushed my face into her pussy was so wet and tasted so sweet. I started looking for her clitoris with his tongue, she said, then groaned and pushed harder against me. I pushed my index finger in it and soon found the G viralporn spot, caressing my tongue over her swollen clit flit around. It is said that the floor or the finger at me to put more into it, I put two fingers in her and began to fuck. I rubbed harder on her viralporn G-spot, I stayed with my tongue firmly and began to rub her clitoris with your other hand. I wanted to ejaculate, followed, and soon they were very close to coming, I rubbed my hands tighter. Her back arched, she cried and cried on my face, wow. It was amazing and tasted so sweet. I looked up and my wife was fucking hard with your fingers, stood up and leaned over the table, presenting her ass to me, I knew what I wanted........ a bs fucked doggy-style. Who was I to refuse, I viralporn stood up and mounted from behind, with a large fan set my hard thick cock penetrated deep viralporn into her and fucked her hard for all that was worth it. It was not long before he shot my cum deep inside her. I sat down again and I have my breath. My wife was not completed and returned in the bank and without question, Stella went to her, and saw how it moved my wife to orgasm after orgasm from the language of Stella. This soon had me hard and Stella got behind and slid my cock into her pussy and ass so hard. Since I had recently that viralporn he could cum threw for years, but after 15 minutes was so out of breath, with the viralporn sauna that I find it one day and came in her ass. All are down and backwards. The women discussed how he wanted to seduce Sebastian............................... day
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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 00:53

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